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The primary elections are coming up this month. Please be sure to exercise that right & vote for those whom you feel will best reflect your ideals & beliefs.
Being as I always vote absentee (and am glad I do because there is No Way I could ever trust an electronic voting system as there is too much opportunity for tampering), I exercised my right this morning and mailed in my ballot. Thats right, I exercised my right to vote out Aaron Kennard & vote for an honest individual who will uphold the law & not try to create law through the office of sheriff, or destroy our rights further. I voted for Brent Cardall & am not ashamed to say so. Stand up for your rights and go to the polls on the 27th! :D :D

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An Email came from Gun Owners of Utah:
We had the opportunity to speak at length with Rep. Canon’s
opponent, Mr. Jacob, about the Second Amendment. He began the
conversation by lecturing us at length on why people should not have
loaded firearms in cars, and he told us that he was very upset with
State Sen. Mark Madsen, who represents Mr. Jacob’s district, because
Sen. Madsen sponsored a bill earlier this year that would have made
it legal for you to have a loaded, concealed self-defense weapon in
your car without a permit, provided that you were in legal possession
of the firearm. Mr. Jacob then stated that he supports the original
intent of the Second Amendment, and he also indicated that he would
be willing to support legislation that would eliminate the federal
ban on having firearms in national parks.
Sorry, even though I have a CFP and can carry in my car, I don't think you should have to have one to travel in and about Utah and be able to protect yourself. The Gang bangers won't worry about some little thing like a law, so the only ones who are affected by this stupid law are those who aren't the problem. I had to tell a friend who went to work late at night that unless he got a concealed permit, he needed to stop bring his Glock with him. He was just putting it on the seat next to him.

I really am not happy about the illegal immigration issue AND Chris Canon's stand, but I don't want someone with Mr. Jacob's views on Gun rights going to washington. I look at Jacobs and really see no answers from him, just one great idea, that he can't give any specifics on. I don't like anything else he has on his site. Vague.

Chris Canon has a rather good record on the 2nd amendment. I've spoken to him about concealed carry issues before and like his insight and answers.

I am not a single issue voter, but think Gun right issues are as important as immigration.

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To save time typing, I'll just say, "Ditto" to what Concealed Utah Said.

Here is a little insight into Jacob by the way.

Seems that Jacob actually lives right in Mark Madsen's precienct. Jacob ran for precinct chair and could not get his neighbors to elect him.

They did elect Mark's wife though. Plus Sen Madsen's wife is on Cannon's election team. So Jacob's remarks about Madsen do not surprise me.

Jacob got a lot of air time on radio stations friendly to 2A for his campaign liturature stating that the 2A concerns were his focus. All the while he doesn't want us to be protected while in a vehicle.

By the way if you read this and are interested in going in with me on some UAE 223 SS109 ammo @ $200.00 per thousand rounds. Look in the firearms for sale thread.

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I'm not sure what to believe on what John Jacob's position was on gun rights.
That quoted email above somewhat goes against an email I received from Jacob a couple months ago.

I will admit, however, that Cannon has indeed had a pretty conservative track record on most subjects, including the 2A. Immigration aside.

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If you wanna lose my vote quicker than snot, run a smear campain like John Jacob did. I wouldn't have voted for him in a million years.

Chris Cannon's stand and record on the 2nd Ammendment are enough for me to keep him in office.

Jacob is a moron.
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