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Public school employee Free Utah CCW Course

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Public school employee Free Utah CCW Course Update

The class will be held at The Lee Kay Shooting Center 6000 W 2100 S Salt Lake City Phone # is 801-972-1326
Time will be from 9:00AM until approximately 4:00PM
Date â€" Friday October 13th

To qualify for the free instruction Students must be Full Time Public school employees or full time employees of State Higher education entity, i.e. University of Utah. They must work within a public school. Those qualifying for the free instruction need to bring their current employee credentials with them.

If a spouse or family member of the same desire the class they must take it with their qualified spouse and they will be charged $30.00 which is ½ of the regular tuition rate.

They must bring with them a valid driver’s License (from any state)
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What an excellent idea, Clark!
You've done it again!
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