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Question for the reloaders

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I have some spent cartridges that I plan to reload. Only problem is that I am not sure if they are brass. They aren't brass colored, they are nickel colored so I am thinking they are just that, nickel. These are reloaded once already so I am thinking it is OK to reload. Anyone with any experience in this matter? Any other suggestions for it?

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Brass or nickel plated brass is reloadable if it is Boxer primed.

The green steel wolf cases are most likely Berdan primed and are not reloadable. To test if the case is steel, use a magnet and test for attraction.

Aluminum cases are non-reloadable and will often have a NR stamped on the case head. Typically aluminum cases are not quite as shiny as nickel plated brass.
This is .38 Special +P cases from Speer. I think they use standard primers like the CCI 500 for small pistols.

Most ammo (especially handgun ammo) is Boxer primed. Where you get into Berdan primed ammo is usually eastern bloc military surplus ammo (7.62mm). You should try the magnet test and look on the casings, if there is no problem there, you should be good to go.
Dave yes you can reload them. They are brass with a nickel plating and boxer primed. I have several boxes that are nickle plated and reload them. Just check them over to make sure they are good. No bulges are cracks are splits in the case. Have fun reloading.
rdoggsilva said:
They are brass with a nickel plating and boxer primed.
I went through them last night and removed the primers and checked each case and discovered they were just that, nickel plated brass. Thanks for all the information. :)

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