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Jeremiah Wright is the bomb. Jeremiah Wright can support Obama all he wants, his support is like an anchor to drowning man. I say sink Hillery (like thats hard) then while Obama is floating toss him some of that good ole Jeremiah Wright support.

Essay assignment: compare David Dukes statement that the KKK is not a racist organization to listening to the racist sewage spued form the mouth of Jeremiah Wright every week voluntarily but, seeking spiritual guidance not political advice from Jeremiah Wright, dose not make Obama a racist.

O shucks, I just got politically incorrect.

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Oh How Wrong this Bigot is!!!
Man, what a bunch of tripe!
The only good thing this "Preacher" was teaching in that video was anti Hilary
bigotry, and when it comes to her, I can almost forgive him for his crazed
diatribe against the white man, the European, thr rich white mann ("cause according to him you can only be a rich white man if running for a political office). This is nothing more than a black man, a ***** who wants to use race as his catch all card. What a bigot!
Heck, I ran for office, I am white, but I sure as heck ain't wealthy! Oh well, what do I care, this man is professedly a bigot whether he admits it or not. His words and actions speak it.
Oh, And what about the white man lost in the "wrong" side of town? I guess I shouldn't have been afraid when my car broke down in that all black ghetto area of Chicago years ago. To hear him speak only a black man lost in a white section of a town need be afraid. Jeesh, give me a break! :ack:
And he calls that preaching? I think not! :ack:
Yes, As bad as the KKK in my book.

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Why is ist so much more socially acceptable for for a black man to stand in a pulpit and spew hatred than a white man?

Why is it so much more acceptable to proud of who you if you are any thing but a heterosexual, white, Christian, male?

I could care less if you are a member of the GJBK so long as you are not a Malcolm X or a Louis Farrakhan (read hate preaching fanatic bigot.)

I am simply tired of the double standard. If white candidate went to a church preaching "look out for the ******* they oppress us through........" the same thing that happened to David Duke would instantly happen to him.

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Although this thread is titled "Race and Politics", the opening post dealt primarily with Reverend Wright and Barack Obama, their relationship and the general tone of a sermon that Reverend Wright preached and, of course, whether Obama's looking to Reverend Wright for spiritual guidance is indicative of anything or nothing.

As long as the thread stays within those boundaries and remains within the letter of the rules, it'll stay open. Thanks!
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