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Oh How Wrong this Bigot is!!!
Man, what a bunch of tripe!
The only good thing this "Preacher" was teaching in that video was anti Hilary
bigotry, and when it comes to her, I can almost forgive him for his crazed
diatribe against the white man, the European, thr rich white mann ("cause according to him you can only be a rich white man if running for a political office). This is nothing more than a black man, a ***** who wants to use race as his catch all card. What a bigot!
Heck, I ran for office, I am white, but I sure as heck ain't wealthy! Oh well, what do I care, this man is professedly a bigot whether he admits it or not. His words and actions speak it.
Oh, And what about the white man lost in the "wrong" side of town? I guess I shouldn't have been afraid when my car broke down in that all black ghetto area of Chicago years ago. To hear him speak only a black man lost in a white section of a town need be afraid. Jeesh, give me a break! :ack:
And he calls that preaching? I think not! :ack:
Yes, As bad as the KKK in my book.
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