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Rangemasters of Utah

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I'm not a spokes person for them but Rangermasters of Utah down in Springville is having their next Concealed Firearm Permit class on:

Tuesday, April 15th @ 6pm

It is a four hour course according to their website and it is $59 for everything you need to get your CFP, along with free range time.


I plan on getting mine then. Hope to see others there as well. And then going to go to more advanced courses. :)
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Good for you. I hope BCI gets your permit to you quickly.
Dustin WJ said:
Good for you. I hope BCI gets your permit to you quickly.
So do I! I got my Armed Guard Card pretty fast so hopefully it will be the same this time around, but then again it came from DOPL.
So tonight I took my CCP at Range Masters of Utah and loved the class! Those four hours went by! If anyone is in Utah County and still needs to take their CCP I would highly recommend the class. The instructor (Michael E. Stilwell who is owner of Range Masters and Action Target Territory Manager and Consultant) is very knowledgeable and really makes the time go by fast. I thought it would be long and boring, but it was great! More insider information on just like the laws, but everyone. Did answer a lot of questions. Loved it!!!

So yeah, that is my review. Now onto BCI!!!
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