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Recently I corresponded with this reporter concerning ccw and her leftist, bigotted & false portrayal of we honest & educated concealed carriers. Here is everything that was said--both sides including her initial (there was a second article by he the day after the 1st one) article on ccw & schools:

Mullen: Teachers and guns? What fun
By Holly Mullen
Tribune Columnist
Article Last Updated:12/10/2006 01:51:45 AM MST

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Holly Mullen

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News item: Saying he is acting on behalf of a Nebo School District
constituent, Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff has proposed teachers
who want to carry guns at school receive police firearms training. He
told the Utah Peace Officer Standards and Training Council last week
that extra training would place teachers in the same category as a
security guard or port of entry agent.
Teachers would still be required to have a concealed-weapons permit
and to follow their school district's specific policy about firearms
storage. According to the Deseret Morning News, Shurtleff told the POST
Council: "They're still going to be teachers,but they're going to carry
a weapon."
Approval of the idea rests with individual school districts and
police departments.

DeeWayne Wannaberuff, a teacher of the life skills class (they used
to call it "home ec") at Utah's overcrowded Sentimental High School,
was delighted the day the school district approved a policy allowing
teachers to take firearms training at the police academy. When the
Legislature passed a "conceal and carry" law a few years ago,
Wannaberuff was one of the first to get his concealed weapons permit.
He was prepared to stand up against school violence.
Wannaberuff had grown weary of defending his course to other
teachers in the faculty lunchroom. He could bake a mean pan of funeral
potatoes, sew a

button onto his Dockers expando-waistband and balance a checkbook - and
he knew how to teach those skills to others, too. Once that haughty
calculus teacher/assistant football coach knew he was packing heat, the
snide comments about his masculinity would stop.
Even though the school kept a regular team of resource officers on
campus patrol, Wannaberuff could never quite quell the fear that he'd
end up on the wrong side of some pimply, iPod-wired, skater-boy. And
then what? Better to be ready - security-guard ready. He took the
police course. Learned how to "lock 'n' load" and "draw down." All
stuff they do on "Law and Order."
Suddenly, life was good for the unassuming teacher in baggy twill
pants, polo shirt and sensible sandals with socks. Besides, like every
other public school teacher in Utah, he already was filling the roles
of nurse, social worker, psychologist, chaperone and priest - and for
$28,000 a year. Why not add plainclothes cop to the mix?
That is, until Sentimental High's Parents' Night rolled around.
After enduring hours in a stiflingly hot gymnasium, meeting parents,
discussing late school work and too many tar- dies, Wannaberuff was
ready to call it a night. One last fa-
ther waited in line. He sat on the hard resin chair in front of
Wannaberuff. The teacher showed the father his daughter's grade: B.
Enraged, the man suddenly jumped up, flailed his arms and shouted:
"Whuddaya mean a $%#& B! Brittney only gets A's! What about her IB
diploma? What about Harvard?!"
It had been a long day. Wannaberuff could take no more. He rose
from his seat, pulled a Glock from his jacket and fired into the air.
Other teachers, parents, scrambled to the floor, screaming. The
calculus teacher appeared from across the room, wrestled the gun away
and threw Wannaberuff to the hardwood.
Police appeared in seconds. They handcuffed a frothed Wannaberuff
and read him his rights. As they led him to the caged patrol car, the
normally mild-mannered teacher yelled: "Fine! You won't have me to kick
around anymore! They're hiring at 7-Eleven. And they pay a LIVING wage!"
[email protected]

My letter to her:

Miss Mullens,

I found your article to be crass and derogative. Only the naive &
uneducated would even get a laugh out of such complete and utter bunk.
Being a person who carries on a regular basis, who understands the
constitution, and who desires to be prepared if I am ever assaulted
again, I can tell you that those who do carry are some of the most
exemplary & responsible citizens around. If you don't think so I would
suggest you go to a gun range & actually learn how to use a weapon
responsibly, ask questions & be open minded while observing the targets
of your unfounded derision. You may be quite surprised at how wrong you
are. If it weren't for the BCI and the strict laws we have in this
state, along with FBI background checks & very specific training
requirements, perhaps things could end up like you portray them in your
satire. However, because we have those checks & balances in place you
are mis-targeting a cross section of Utah's citizens which
statistically have less felony conviction than police officers. If you
don't believe this just research it on the state web pages. Since you
are a reporter, I would think you should be able to research from this
and perhaps create a better, more informed article. Or if you were
honest you could actually apologize to the 60+ thousand ccw holders in
this state.
Robie Cagle

Her response:

Dear Mr. Cagle:

You know nothing about me. I know how to handle a firearm, have shot at
ranges in Utah, Washington and Minnesota over the past 20 years.. As
for your assertion that conceal and carry holders are all exemplary and
responsible, I refer you to the past two years' stories on Dell
Schanze. I attended the hearings regarding his little scrape with the
law--pulling a concealed handgun and waving it about with his own child
and another child present, with certainly not enough provocation to do
so. I find the whole notion of police training for teachers in firearms
use absurd on every level. I'll write against it at any opportunity, so
I guess you ought to be prepared to turn the page when it happens.
HM ---- Original Message ---- From: [email protected] To:
[email protected] Subject: RE: Article on Teachers & Guns Date: Mon,
11 Dec 2006 07:51:53 GMT

My response to her:

Miss Mullens,

Thank you for responding to my email, your doing so was appreciated.

I would also like to thank you for proving my point, especially as
regards Mr. Dell Schanze.

Obviously you take exception to, and feel your own judgement is better
qualified than the jury who gave an aquittal in his case. Mr. Schanze
legally defended himself and his family from those who threatened harm,
as any responsible parent would do against a verified threat to their
safety. I am pleased that the jury found that he acted in accordance
with the law.

Having had rocks thrown at me in my youth and observing the traditions
of many nations in the world concerning stoning, I know how deadly this
threat can be. Death comes slow and painful. Mr. Schanze acted
appropriately whether you agree or not, and obviously the jury agrees
with me.

You say I don't know you and you are right in saying so. I do know
people like you, and I know I would not want my children de-educated
under individuals of your ilk. I believe in obeying, honoring &
sustaining the law. At times this means one must use what the law
provides in order to protect oneself or family from harm. I will
continue to fight to sustain these laws and refute ignorance whenever I
come across it. Hopefully you would be woman enough to read truth when
presented to you without turning the page. I will not be turning the page.

It is only through knowing your opponent's perspective that you can
intelligently argue against it. Your position is that it is absurd to
provide training to teachers in the use of firearms; however, you
provide no support to this outrageous statement. The CCW permit holders
in this state are responsible, law-abiding citizens and no amount of
tripe from your pen will alter the reality of that truth.


Robie Cagle

I apologize for the length of this, but I wanted you to see everything
that has been happening so that you may judge this for yourself.
As one of my coworkers has said, they believe that she will not respond
because she has no way to get out of the trap she closed upon herself
without further painting herself the ignorant *** she is.
Talk to you soon.

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Apparently she's also not aware that teachers can already carry in school and public schools can't do anything about it. In essense she is saying it is absurd to give teachers the additional training. What that says to me is she must believe it is ok for them to carry in school just like the rest of us that didn't receive police training. You see, she is a moron!!! Funny, how she brings up Dell. Even if he was found guilty (which he wasn't), that makes one out of 60,000 for a rate much less than that of our states police officers. Maybe we should strip them of the tools of their trade?
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