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Hi, James,

The focus of this forum is primarily on concealed carry and self-defense. Sure, we could have a sub-forum on reloading since many of our members reload - I do - and we could have a sub-forum on surplus firearms since many of our members collect them - I do - and we could have a sub-forum on hunting since many of our members hunt, but then that would dilute the focus of the forum into that of just another gun forum, of which there are plenty.

We're striving to fit into a niche here; a very authoritative source of information for Utah CFP holders, both resident and non-resident. The recent influx of CFP Instructors, both in-state and out-of-state, is helping drive that goal. If we try to meet everyone's general firearms-related needs, then it's likely that we won't excell at meeting any of those needs and we'll just be another mediocre gun-board.

I should stress that this is just my opinion and that I'm not speaking for the owners of the board or disseminating official policy. 8)

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tapehoser said:
Fellow reloader, I concur that we might need a separate portion just for us crazy ballisticians!!!
I've mentioned to JJ about having a photo forum for us to show off our babies.... Yeah I know, it's a concealed carry forum. But bringing in people to talk about other common interests will inevitably lead to them learning more about CC which is conducive to the cause.

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