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From the Fox13 news website

"A man is arrested and a small arsenal of weapons is seized after what cops call a scary road rage incident. 33-year old Richie Lamar Young was arrested for allegedly pointing an AR-15 at another driver, while speeding along State Route 201, near 5000 West. Cops recovered the assault rifle, two handguns and nearly 1,000 rounds of ammunition. Young has a carry permit, but cops say that permit is not a license to threaten others. State officials will review this case and say Young may lose his carry permit as a result of this incident. Richie Young told Fox 13 News the incident was a lapse of judgement, and added, he was sorry."

I'll refrain from commenting on the "small arsenal" aspect of this story (as it is to be expected from the media), but I hope this moron gets the maximim penalty, and has his CHP pulled asap. This yahoo makes us all look like irresponsible "gun nuts"

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And it's a cryin' shame that HE gets all the media attention.

There should be some disclaimer at the end of the story: "This man does not necessarily represent the opinions and/or actions of the general 'carrying' publi of the state of Utah." :evil:
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