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Ruger P93 vs. P89

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First I would like to ask what peoples feelings are about the Ruger p series?

I have a Ruger P93 and I love the thing. I have never had a missfire or a Jam. I have a friend who bought a P89 which is a larger version of my 93. I can not tell much of a difference between the two other than size. Is size all that matters?
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Yup. I own the P89 as well and it's a solid gun. Carried it IWB for a year without any issues. Pretty darn reliable as well. I'd rely on it and trust my life to it any day.
I own a P95 and love it as well. It's a rugged little beast. I never had any issues with anything jamming, but I have had issues with the magazines not always locking in place while shooting. I have had three or 4 occasions when the trigger was pulled and all that ensued was a "click" because the magazine catch had popped, and the magazine was not in place to feed the next round. My opinion of the Ruger is that it is great plinker, but I don't have the confidence in it for a carry gun.
The P89 was my first gun. I love it. Has never FTE or FTF. No problems ever. I don't carry it much because I have limited concealed options in my situation and I can't draw and remove the safety quickly. But for range time I love it. I think its a great gun.
My first gun was a P89. I think it's an outstanding weapon. Incredibly easy to maintain, and very reliable. I still have it, and since the ban was lifted, I have bought four 15 rd. ProMags to add to the two 15 rd. Factory Mags I had originally. I replaced the springs on the factory mags. Other than that, no issues. All mags feed great.
The P89 was my first gun also and I never had a problem with it. The gun was fun to shoot at the range but didn't work to well for me in the concealed carry aspect.
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