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Ruger SP101 in 32 H & R Mag.

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My wife and I took the new 32 H & R mag down to the Orem rec center's range and tried it out. The gun; Ruger SP101, 3" barrel, adjustable sights, 6 shot, 27 oz. We only had one box of 32 mag shells, if I reload I can bring the price of a box of 50 rounds from $16.00 ($21 at Cabalas) down to $5.50.
I picked up the Ruger to have something my wife would enjoy shooting. First impressions of the Ruger? It is strong, well balanced though a little heavy, which should makes it easier to shoot well. It feels good in the hand. This pistol will shoot 32 S&W, 32 long, and 32 mag and I even heard that you can shoot 32 auto if you don't mind knocking the shells out manually. The 32 magnum round compares close to a 38 spl (non +P) in energy at the muzzle, and moves 200 ft/sec faster, and if reloaded it could surpass the 38.
In the SP101 the magnum round had a fair report but felt recoil was very slight. I had to focus on the recoil to tell if there was any there. I shot only about 10 round (the wife shot the rest) and they were well placed on the target. My wife would flinch quit a bit shooting my airweight (15oz) S&W 38 spl, but shooting the SP101 by the end of the box of 32 mag her flinch was gone. She got all the rounds on the paper which made it fun for her. When she shot the 38 spl only 30% of the rounds made it to the paper. I can shoot well with the airweight 38 but it does kick. You could shoot the Ruger SP101 in 32 mag all day and enjoy it. With the Ruger SP101 with a 3" barrel, a good holster is a bit hard to find, so I had to order one (Ray's Holster, on the net). This all stainless steel gun could be carried concealed in a good holster but wouldn't work to well as a pocket carry like my S&W, but a SP101 in a 2” barrel in a good pocket holster should not be too bad. I can see that for plinking, target practice, self defense, and camping gun the SP101 in 32 mag will fit the bill. On the rabbit hunt this would be ideal for a carry gun. For skunks and varmints around the farm I don't think you could get much better.
I liked the SP101 so much I’m thinking of getting one with a 2” barrel in 357 mag, and using it as my main carry gun.
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