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Ruger SR9 owners - I'm curious...

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I'm thinking about getting a Ruger SR9. How do you all feel about them? Do you use it for concealed carry? How well does it hide? Also, would it fit in a standard 4" 1911 holster?
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I own one, it's my first gun, but I've fired a few glocks before.

I haven't CCed it, but I did order a Crossbreed Supertuck for it, so I'll post about it when it comes.

It's heavier than the glocks I shot, since they're made of plastic :p

But it's an absolute beauty to shoot. I wouldn't give it up, and it was more comfortable to hold than the glocks. Plus, it's ambidextrous, and I'm a Leftie ;) Just make sure that when you buy one if you choose to do so, its serial number doesn't start with 330. Those were recalled recently for a malfunction in the firing pin safety.
Yeah, I read about the recall. I'm make sure I don't get one of those. Do you know of anywhere in Utah that actually has one in stock? I can't find one anywhere.
If you can't find one, call Doug's Shoot n Sports, they'll order it if they don't have it. 801-966-1802 I ordered a gun from them a while back and I think it took a couple days to get in or something like that. Anybody there can order it for you, I know Dave pretty well and usually deal with him if I can.
Where is Doug's Shoot n Sports located? Has anyone CC'd one of these Rugers? How do they feel?
I've got one, and I carry concealed everyday. It's quite comfortable to carry and to shoot. I use a Bianchi Shadow II series 7. It is sized for the Glock 36. This fits my SR9 perfectly. I carry it at my 3 o'clock, OWB. Typically, my shirt is untucked so it hides real well.

I bought it at the end of last October from Impact Guns. I bought the holster at Gallenson's., and that is also where I generally buy my ammo for daily carry. I like to use Federal LE Tactical HST 124gr. +p in it. For the range, I just use whatever FMJs are the cheapest.

I've put about 1,200 rounds through it with no FTF or FTE.

As far as the recall goes, if manual safety is ON and you drop it with a round chambered, it will NOT accidently fire. It is only if you have a round chambered and the manual safety is OFF and you drop it, that it has the potential to fire. My serial # is rather low at 330-010##, so it is affected by the recall. I'll send it in when Ruger says they're ready for it and they'll take care of it. No big deal.

No complaints with the gun. Would buy it again? Yes.

Would I like to see them come out with an SR45? Yes, and I would buy it too.
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ATVjunkie said:
Would I like to see them come out with an SR45? Yes, and I would buy it too.
Doug Shoot n Sports

4926 S Redwood Rd
Murray, UT 84123-4228
Phone: (801) 966-1802
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