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Safari ?

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I know many of you are strong proponents of firefox but I didn't like it very well. It was too buggy for me. I just downloaded safari browser made by apple and it runs a lot faster than any other browser I have tried. So so far I like it. Anyone else use it? I am sure many mac users may have it but I am asking about windows computers.
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If you want a fast browser, you should try Opera. It does a better job of handling most of the crappy, non-standard web sites out there and is even faster than Safari.
I wasn't in the market for one. It just was offered with an update to my Itunes and figured I would try it. So I just wondered if anyone else used it.
Safari outpaces all of the other browsers now, including Opera.

I use it sparingly, as there are some plug-ins for FF I still use, but images looks better, and the speed is faster. It's been a pleasant experience.
I'm using firefox and I keep getting tabs pop up with advertisements. Is that normal?
Dustin WJ said:
I'm using firefox and I keep getting tabs pop up with advertisements. Is that normal?
I recommend installing the Ad-Block Plus add-on. It does a great job.
I was running Safari until today. The May 2008 issue of PCWorld, page 53, gives a warning against Safari. I went to the PCWorld web site listed on that page, and it says that Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera have phishing filters to warn against scammers. But Safari does not. Until I find out more about Safari's security situation, I'll stop using it.

I'm reluctant to do that, because it seems a lot faster than either IE or Firefox. But security is important to me.

If anyone has more information, or something to restore confidence in Safari, please share.
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