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I own several models of Saiga, two in the process of converting. If you want a gun that will handle any ammo, never jam, pretty accurate for an AK action, and made in Russia, there's no better way to go. Plus, it's true that most .308 is going for .75 cents a round or more, but you're not factoring in cheap wolf ammo, which an Ak will eat up with no consequences. The problem you'll run into now is the fact that they're getting more and more rare since they're not being imported. (Again, this is the 2nd time Russian American Armory has done this)

As for the MP 5.45 upper. I threw one on a RR 2-stage lower, and stocked up on spare ejectors. 2000 rounds in and I have yet to replace a single ejector or have a primer strike failure. It's just a pain to clean the rifle after shooting it.

If you're going to spend the extra money to convert it, you might just want to spend a little bit more on a M1A.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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