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Salt Lake Tribune Columnist Quits
Recently I reported on some outlandish, hateful, biggotted and offensive writing by Salt Lake Tribune Columnist Holly Mullins. I even showed the trail of emails as well as her offensive articles.

After my last email to her I knew she would never respond. She hasn't however, I have great news to report!

Letter writing campaigns can be very successful. I say this because as I logged on to search for an article in the SL Trib. I found an open letter of resignation from Holly Mullins as her column for Dec. 21, which I had not been aware of. This was just after my very frank letters to her regarding her ignorance & intellectually bankrupt asininity.

She sites leaving for other reasons however, I know that she received many, many emails, phone calls and letters regarding her biggotted gun bias. I am positive that it was our efforts to debunk her myths which lead to her "decision."

She states it was her editors decision not to publish an article that lead her to "soul seek" and come to the decision to leave the Trib. This was over an article which most likely was her "spin" on the evil of guns which the editor refused to print. She doesn't say it, but it would have been her next letter after this letter writing campaign began.

All I can say is Thank God she is gone!

Now we just need to work on all those other biggotted, self righteous snobbish priggs out there, like her, who keep trying to influence the masses with the tripe they print out of their sense of elitism, and hatred for inane objects. Lets face it, they are afraid of how they would use those objects therefore they want to eliminate them so they don't have to worry about picking them up & using them incorrectly in order to enforce their self aggrandizing ideals, and biggoted opinions.

I for one am grateful that the wicked witch is dead (gone)! Now lets continue to work on the remainder of these imbeciles & keep working on keeping this country great!

Letter campaigns do work!

Stand up, be counted & carry often!

What part of "Shall not be infringed" is not being abused today? :lol:
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