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"SAR Volunteers Quit"

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I usually sit these things out and watch, but being once VERY active in SAR in Oregon, but not this time.

I seem to be on the fence. An integral part is multi-agency ops that can be an amazing machine. Some people need to learn to play nice with others and accept the help and learn to coop. For example look @ the James Kim search out in Oregon awhile back. After the investigation one (Among many) thing was found: No cooperation between multiple agencies.

The other side of me sides with the volunteers. They pay their own gear, gas, take time from work, families, etc to save lives. They are part of something bigger that most of society cannot do. Then others are getting paid for what they are doing for free. The other thing that comes to mind is you get people who are paid to do it, who might not feel as passionate as the volunteers.

Enough ranting...Why cant we all get along :wink:
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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