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Friends of the Gun,
The bill's Sponsor, Senator Greg Bell, wasted no time in scheduling his bill to be heard before the very committee that he "just happens to chair”.

It is last on the agenda of the meeting that starts at 4pm. This committee is not necessarily a "friendly" committee. It is chaired by the sponsor of the Bill. There are also 2 very liberal democrats on it.

Depending on the whim of the Chairman the Bill may be held over. Don't be surprised if we show up in force and the chair decides to hold the bill for a later date and time. (when we all aren't there to speak against it.

I have decided to cut and paste the alert from Utah Shooting Sports Council. It is included below.

Immediate action required- Self Defense Rights Threatened!
Utah Shooting Sports Council URGENT ACTION ALERT 2/12/07
Immediate action required- Self Defense Rights Threatened!

--- Background on SB 251 (Higher Education Firearms Restrictions)
--- (1) Attend Senate Judiciary Committee meeting Tuesday 2/13 at 4:00 PM!
--- (2) Call or Email the Committee members IMMEDIATELY!
--- (3) Pass this alert to other gun owners!

Gun Owners need to contact seven Legislators immediately by phone, fax or email, and need to make time to attend a Senate meeting Tuesday 4:00-6:00 PM! Read the following background then contact the seven Senators immediately. Remember, always be polite! Even if concealed carry is not your main gun rights concern, an attack on any aspect of gun rights must be stopped. You must not wait until your favorite sport, hunting or collecting interest is about to be gutted.


SB 251 is now in the Senate Judiciary, Law Enforcement, and Criminal Justice Committee. Members are listed below, and only one or two seem to support your gun rights. This Committee can kill this bill entirely, or we will have to fight it for the rest of the session, so ACT TODAY! You can read the full text of the bill at http://le.utah.gov/~2007/bills/sbillint/sb0251.htm

Existing laws cover violent criminal acts, threatening others with weapons, and restrict carrying concealed weapons by anyone but permit holders. The U’s President Young even admits this in his February 1, 2007 email, available at http://UtahShootingSports.com/ 07feb1.u.email.htm

SB 251 will escalate the University of Utah’s illegal campus gun ban on students to include EVERYONE with a concealed weapons permit. It will change violations by permit holders from an administrative violation to a criminal violation to carry your legal self defense weapon in many areas of the campus. Andâ€"they want to expand it to cover every state higher education location in the state. This is a pure expansion of gun control infringements, not a “compromise” since the University LOST their case in the Utah Supreme Court which decided the Legislature, not the U makes gun policy for all state entities. The same self defense rights should cover every public building in the state, except for the airport, court, jails and mental hospital exceptions in place now.

Some of the gun-hating folks at the U would like to ban all your guns, and think that they have some “academic freedom” right to do so, but the Utah Constitution says they do not! They are threatening the Legislators with federal lawsuits if they don’t get their way, and we should never give in to such intimidation!

Permit holders are all at least 21 years old, with a clean criminal record, are not drug addicts or mental cases, have had training, passed a FBI background check, and have their background checked again every single day! Permit holders are at least as law abiding as police officers and legislators, so they are not a threat to anyone at the Universities. It is absurd that the Universities or the Legislature are discussing bans on permit holders!

This bill will allow Universities to make rules banning legally carried self defense guns from the office of a faculty or staff member. This could be twisted to apply to virtually any classroom, lab, locker room, janitorial closet, student aid office, library or other place on campus claimed to be an “office.” Theoretically, “reasonably proximate secure storage facilities” would be required, but that provision is wide open for abuse by having them several buildings away, if they bother to install them at all. It also will make known the identity of people who legally carry self defense weapons as they use these facilities. Criminals will never comply with such a requirement, just permit holders!

This bill will also allow rules that “allow residents to have only roommates who are not permit holders”. This can be an excuse to exclude them from campus housing entirely. Imagine the outrage if they tried to exclude people based on race, religion or sexual orientation instead of being a law abiding permit holder!


1. Plan on attending the meeting Tuesday at 4:00 PM in room W130 at the Capitol. (Not under the dome with the construction work, but one of the other buildings- look for signs or ask for W130.) Parking is a big problem, but it is very important to have a good turn out at this meeting to show support for gun rights! You won't need to testify or anything, just nod your heads at the appropriate times, and raise your hands when they ask who wants to testify AGAINST SB 251. Be polite, and dress appropriately- coat and tie or business casual. We have refrained from asking for people to show up at hearings for the last two sessions, but gun owners need to show up for this one!

2. Phone, FAX or email the Committee members below.
They are busy, and don't need a long discussion, just a point or two from those in the suggested email below. Be polite. Phone calls are best, FAX is good, and emails least effective, but they all count. Do all three if you like, and to as many members as you can.

3. Pass this alert to all your friends interested in gun rights.



Committee members are:
Sen. Gregory S. Bell, Chair - [email protected] Cell (801) 971-2001
Sen. Jon J. Greiner- [email protected] Office (801) 629-8226, Home (801) 621-0423
Sen. Lyle W. Hillyard- [email protected] Office (435) 752-2610, Home (435) 753-0043
Sen. Mark B. Madsen- [email protected] Cell (801) 361-4787
Sen. Scott D. McCoy- [email protected] Office (801) 538-1406, Home (801) 359-2544
Sen. Ross I. Romero- [email protected] Cell (801) 652-4687, Home (801) 364-2451
Sen. John L. Valentine- [email protected] Office (801) 373-6345, Home (801) 224-1693

Fax number for all Senators at the Capitol: 801-326-1475
Senate switchboard at the Capitol: 801-538-1035

SUGGESTED FAX/ PHONE MESSAGE/ EMAIL (cut and paste into your email form):
- - - - - - - - - - -
Subject: OPPOSE SB 251 (Higher Education Concealed Firearms Restrictions)
Dear Senator ___________ [insert name]

I urge you to vote AGAINST SB 251 (Higher Education Concealed Firearms Restrictions).

1. Restricting law abiding permit holders makes no sense. This is as silly as fighting illegal drugs by closing down Pharmacies. President Young's letter actually listed plenty of laws against people other than permit holders having guns on campus, so this bill is not needed.

2. The discriminatory provisions against dorm residents who have their background checked every 24 hours is morally wrong, as well as totally unworkable and unenforceable.

2. Contrary to the fears of some academics, permit holders have proven themselves to be law abiding, non-violent citizens.

3. University offices neither need nor deserve more restrictions on permit holders than any other state office, many dealing with far more contentious issues than academic discussions. If there is a threat, it is not permit holders!

4. Implied threats from the University of Utah to resume federal lawsuits are reprehensible, and Legislators should not be intimidated by them.

5. Far from making campuses safer, this bill only disarms the good guys, making campuses more attractive to criminals.

6. If allowed to impose any restrictions at all, the Universities will manipulate their rules to create a de facto campus-wide ban on LEGALLY carried self defense weapons.

Please defeat SB 251, and use your valuable time on bills dealing with real problems and real solutions.

[your name here]
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