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Senate Race Update

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I know there were a few interested parties who would have liked to have seen me succeed in this years District 3 election for Utah State Senate. This is my update:

I went to the nominating convention last weekend and I did not get the vote. Many things contributed to this, not the least of which was sabataged from a Legislative Chair who refused to do her job, thus much of my information was not diceminated to the delegates. Having a small budget did not allow for mailings, except to those who never left a phone #, and I tried to contact all delegates prior to the convention. Still, a few were not able to be reached for reasons beyond my control.

I did come out 2nd in the voting (it was reported, erroneously that I had come in dead last!). It was interesting to note, that the winner of the nomination had spoken to me about a week prior to the election, and evidently liked several of my ideas. She liked these well enough that she included them as part of her platform. She also had the UEA backing her, so she had lots of money available from a corrupt organization, which does little to further education, or to help teachers salaries, though they claim to the contrary. Needless to say, thanks to my ideas, and her changes to her platform, she won. I guess that is the nature of politics.
Oh, I guess the fact that I am not married, or have any kids, bothered a few delegates. It shouldn't be an issue, but I guess it was for some. Unfortunately we are not able to just snap fingers and have those desires in life, we have to work hard to obtain those desires. Some people are just luckier than others when it comes to marriage. Some felt that even though I come from a family of 9 children, have 37 nieces & nephews & three great nieces, that I certainly can't be a family man! How stupid!
Anyhow, this was my first time running for office, I have many opportunities to try again in the future. Next time I will be a bit more savvy, and I will watch my back more closely in the cut-throat environment that is politics.
So, to all those who wished me well, I am sorry things did not go as planned. I will be keeping my campaign account open and will plan on running again, either for senate again, or for a legislative position in the House.
Thanks for all your support!

Stand up, be counted & carry often!
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I've been involved in several campaigns. It's a tough business.

Don't let any of the perceived negatives get to your head. Polish yourself, learn from your experience, learn from others' experiences, ask "how can I do _____" despite the fact that conventional wisdom says you can't.

Best of luck the next time around! We need people who won't be selling us down the river.
Sorry to hear that. I've been so involved in a relocation that I've been uplugged lately. Better luck next time.
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