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RobFindlay said:
the MK IV Model 80 the "mustang" here's a pic:
http://www.theothersideofkim.com/images ... te_380.jpg

I doubt serpa has such a holster as this gun is now out of production as far as I know.

Any insight would be appreciated.

I will tell you a secret.

I just bought a S&W 4006 and I KNEW that Serpa don't make holsters for it so what I did was to go SEVERAL gun stores and tried out ALL Serpa holsters and I finally found the "closest" fit. That was a holster meant for H&K P30 of ALL guns. When I got home I sat down and "fitted" it my gun. I put the gun in the holster and started to "shave" away the holster where it made the gun difficult to holster and now it fits "like a glove". Serpa is VERY "forgiving" holster to work with.

PM me if you are in the Salt Lake area and we can get together and have a Holster "hunt" :dancing: and "shape" to holster to fit

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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