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Shooting range in Northern Utah county.

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After the Utah Shooting Academy in Lindon shut down, I started going to the Orem Rec Center. It's just east of Mountain View High School on Center Street in Orem. It costs all of $3.50 to get into the center (regardless of where your from) and that includes the use of the shooting range. It has seven lanes, about 25 yrd long, with auto target runners and is rarely crowded. You can shoot any hand gun round up to 44 mag. Bring your own ammo, and targets. They do have eye and ear protection if you don't have your own.
Hey, be safe out there.
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Wonderful! $3.50 is a good deal. How long does that amount give you on the range?
I don't know really. I know they schedule the lanes in one hour increments so I suppose it's a hour.
I've been meaning to try that place. Nice to know someone else has gone and found it to be good. I was hoping to go shooting outside on Saturday but with this weather, I may get to try Orem sooner than I thought!
Excellent !!!

I was very disappointed when Utah Shooting Academy closed down. I heard that the Orem Rec Center had a shooting range. Now I'll have to try it out.
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