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Shooting Range(s)

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I am looking for a range I can shoot my pistols and rifles at. I am in South Ogden so something close to here would be nice. Also, I am looking for a place to shoot clay sports.

Thanks for any help,

Thomas G. Knight
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Packing.org has a list of shooting ranges for each state.

Looks like there is a range in Ogden.
The Utah college of Law - Gun rights advocates has a list of ranges:
As does the USSC http://utahshootingsports.com

There is also a list of area gun clubs on the Utah state trapshooting associations website: http://www.utahtrap.com

Other useful and/or interesting links:
Mountainmen of the Wasatch
Utah Gun Collectors Association

Some of my favorite places to go shooting, open ranges, can be found on this fine website: DesertIslands.Org
Try Impact on 1900 West. They have an indoor range that can accomodate handguns and have a couple of sections that will take rifles. Check with them on ammo restrictions. They also rent full-auto firearms. Try one and see how big the grin on your face gets! To pen a quote, "Full-Auto fire is the sound of Freedom!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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