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Shotgun help?

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realizing that this is a concealed carry site, i have an off-topic question:
most of us are familiar with packing.org for handgun assistance--does anybody have a good recommendation for a shotgun site? I am likely in the market in the next 12 months for a bird gun and a more tactical gun and need some general info.
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There was a time when you could search the chat on PDO, which was a great source of information, but the last time I checked you could only search the news stories there.

If you check the links on PDO you'll find some other good boards (why isn't this one listed there?)..

My shotguns consist of a Remington 1100 for hunting and an old S&W police 3000 w/pistol grips for HD & tactical plinking.

Stay safe...
If your looking for a shotgun that can do it all take a look at the Saiga-12.
I have one one with a 19" barrel & use it for everthing from rabbits, birds, home defence, & even deer. Basically the Russians took an AK47 or 74 and created an awsome tactical/sporting shotgun that is ultra-reliable and nearly indestructible for use by the military, police, & civilians.

You can go to this forum to learn all there is to know about them: http://forum.saiga-12.com/

BTW, they are imported in a sporting configuration and if you want it in the original configuration it must be converted using enough U.S. parts to be legal.

Here are some pictures of mine before conversion, after conversion, & a 5 shot group of slugs at 40-45 yards.

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I bet it wouldn't do any good to ask Santa for one. Darn.

Dream list - Saiga-12
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