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Ignore the naysayers if they are idiots. If they have a glimmer of intellect, try to bring them up to speed. We just chatted today about one of your upcoming classes and about OFA. OFA teaches team techniques in some of their classes, and here's a few things I've learned from it:

1) Heightened muzzle awareness. One thing to cross yourself during a drill. Very different if you cross your partner or they cross you-even with an Airsoft. Great teaching tool - even for guys with good muzzle discipline- it really allows you to see the importance of those little things that you have to constantly work on and drill.

2) Ability to work with different people - they'd have us go with a buddy, then somebody we didn't know - very different communicating with, trusting with somebody you don't know. Did I trust my buddies more? You bet. I knew everybody there was good and safe, but I'd be lying if I said there weren't some I'd rather have by my side than others. In the real world, we might have to communicate with panicked, ignorant people during a crisis.

3) Sound, movement - threat identifiers - tough to pick up footsteps or crunching gravel of a "bad guy" when your "partner" is making a racket (relatively speaking)- you have to learn to focus elsewhere and look for other things.

The other thing is that lots of my friends carry and my wife carries. Having done teamwork drills, we're a leg up should anything ever happen. Sure, the chances of it are pretty darn low, but it could happen, we don't get to pick where or when.

Now, I'm not saying team building clearing should be at the top of the list of things to learn for somebody relatively new to training to defend them self - but after you've done some interior movement classes, when you have some skills developed and think you are comfortable with it (I never am-I hate clearing buildings), I think there are things you can learn better and improve on when you are working with others that will ultimately benefit you in the event you have to clear your way out of a building by yourself.

As for other 'advanced' tactics- knowledge is power, and some people fear their fellow citizens or are flat out elitists having any power. Some people are just plain ignorant and aren't comfortable with the responsibility of knowledge, so they want to limit others.

See you in December.

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