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Sig 239 SAS - First Impression

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I knew that I needed to get a carry piece and have always liked Sigs. I owned and shot 229 in 40 S&W for awhile. I still have a 220 in 45 and it's a great shooter. I started looking at different configurations and decided on a 239 SAS in 40 S&W. The SAS is a two tone that has a melt, nite sites, wooden grips and the DAK trigger. My dealer ordered one for me and to quote him "That's the prettiest Sig I've ever seen." But does it shoot?

Took it out yesterday and put 100 rounds of Winchester 180 gr FMJ thru it.
I will be carrying lefty and was curious to how it would shoot. If you shoot a 40 you know it's "snappy", from the right I saw no real issue other than the arthritis in my trigger finger could be an issue. From the left I only noticed that the kick to the right was a bit distracting. The DAK trigger is a double action with a lighter rest after the first shot. Funny, I could control the trigger better righty, though I am left handed.

As a carry gun I think this will be perfect for me. I have smaller hands and the gun felt excellent. We were shooting at about 30 paces (75-90ft) and because of others didn't get do any closer shooting. My wife put three clips thru it and was not real happy, she went right back to her 22. If she were to carry, I'd have to get her a J frame.

Here's a couple of pictures. The holster is a Comp-Tec Minotaur. I've worn it at home for couple of days and so far so good.


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Nice. I am wanting to get a sig myself. Thinking of a P229 or P239, having owned both how do they compare?
Very nice. Before today the prettiest Sig I'd seen was in a wood display case with a 2002 Olympic Commemorative UHP badge under etched glass. Your Sig surpassed it, she's beautiful.

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Drool..... nothing better than pics!
Xmirage2kx, really hard for me to give a comparison. I haven't had the 229 for a long time. My 229 had what I would call a "crunchy" trigger. It broke fine but just wasn't smooth. One of my buddies had one, same vintage, and it was fine. IMO, you can't go wrong either way, Sportsmans Warehouse by me had a 239, not the SAS, so I was able to handle it before ordering.

Thanks for the compliments on the gun.

good looking little "pistola"..... maybe I need another one, Could use it for the 2008 tax season as a write off...hmmmmmm
A thing of beauty is a joy forever. That there's a purty gun!!
Very pretty indeed, congratulations.
That's gorgeous! I have a P229 myself and am looking at P239's since the P229 is a little chunky to carry in summer for me.

Now I'm drooling...
That is a beautiful gun and holster, nice job.
Very nice gun. I had a P239 in 9mm. Sold it to my son, it was a good shooting gun and quality made. You can't go wrong with a Sig.

Oh if you get your wife a J frame, either get the heavier all steel gun or get it in the 327 cal. The 38 spec in an airweight has a lot of recoil, at least a lot more than I thought it would. I got my wife a S&W airweight in 38 spec and she didn't like shooting it at all.
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