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Sup3D said:
Sorry, I have seen multiple people talk about the SmartCarry style holster and after looking at both websites I have a few questions:

1) I just don't see how that would be comfortable, for a guy at least . . . know what I mean? The General needs room. Am I wrong? I am not saying I'm gifted in that area or anything (my wife calls it my 2 inch wonder stick). Sorry, that was wrong. Next question . . .

2) It just doesn't seem like I can fit a GLOCK 23 in the front of my pants. Maybe some people can, but I don't know how that would work. It might be part of the comfortable question but it seems like the grip would be jabbing you all the time when you are sitting down.

3) When sitting down, it seems like the gun would not sit well. How does that work? Where does the barrel go? (read: ballcrusher)

4) It looks like it would be sliding down all the time by falling off the hips. Does it seem to stay put pretty well? If so, how does that work.

Sorry for my skepticism, but I just don't get it. Those that have them please help me understand.
This was the first time all day, I have laughed out loud. Thanks!

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