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So glad to be aboard

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Hello everyone,

I took my CFP class about a month ago and am awaiting my license.. I grew up in New Mexico (four corners area) and have lived here in Utah for going on 8 years now. Previous to living here my wife and I lived in Idaho and California for a few years as well. I am very proud to be called a Utahn for more reasons than one but definately because of the superior gun laws!!

I grew up shooting and am just getting into personal and family protection.. I haven't purchased a quality carry pistol yet but I do own a High Standard Stainless Steel 22 Magnum revolver and a cheap Hi Point 9mm..(Both are fun for plinking and training up the "little one's" in the ways of firearms and safety.)

Well that's enough about me....

I really enjoy reading through this site and hope to get in on some good stuff....

Therin Garrett
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Thanks for joining us! Please make yourself at home and post often, we have a great member base and we have fun discussing just about anything. If you need anything don't hesitate to ask.
Welcome to the UCC forum, Therin!
Welcome to our forum, Therin!
Thanks for introducing yourself.

This is a great place with lots of very knowledgeable people.
Stick around and post often...
Glad to have you here Therin. :shades:
:welcome: Welcome to the group! Stick around and post often!!!
Glad to have you with us.
Welcome to the forum,a lot of fun and great people here.
:sup: Welcome. This forum is really what you make of it. So post often and have fun here.

Glad you found us. What part of Idaho did you live in? I grew up between Blackfoot and Idaho Falls.
This is a good place to be.


:sup: :welcome:
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