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soldiers (Wangs guard)

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I recall an incredibly moral man from Utah who would do no wrong, except steal Soldier of Fortune magazines.

I'm female, Vietnam era vet, who was ashamed of my service, until I was welcomed and thanked by the Navajo Nation. We all fight for what we believe, and sometimes those beliefs change during the battles. Often, it's after the fight that we determine where our courage comes from. Ann
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Ann ,
Welcome to UCC. Make yourself at home, glad to have you on.
Welcome to the forum, Ann!

It would seem that there is a lot under the surface in your short description. This only piques the curiosity of course. Care to elaborate? Why would you have been ashamed of your Vietnam era service? Was it the poor welcome home that so many Vets received? How did the Navajo Nation welcome and thank you? It sounds like you've got quite an interesting tale to tell. Do tell.
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