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Someone saw my gun...now what?

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Hello! It's been awhile since I've posted. I thought this experience called for a posting!

A little background on what happened:

I had a doctors appointment for a possible kidney infection.
I carried that day in my purse.

So I get to my appointment and they asked me to leave my things in a room and go to the restroom for a urine sample. I was hesitant to leave my things but I put my purse down and placed my coat on top of it. I left, took care of business and when I was done they had changed my room. So they moved my stuff.

I walked into my new room to see my purse clip had come undone and my purse was open (barely displaying my pistol.) As the medical assistant left my room she said, "I'm sorry I had to move your stuff but I did not see anything inside your purse." Odd thing to say right?

So the medical assistant quickly left the room and for the first time ever my doctor checked my blood pressure, tempeture and all the things the medical assistant usually does. BUT my doctor did not come into the room solo, she had another doctor in the room with us the entire time.

It was very strange and akward. Do you think I should have said something to clarify my right to carry? What would you have done?

A side question is I use a holster when I carry in my purse but I have another purse that has a zipper that is easy to get open...could I carry using that purse without a holster? The zipper pocket isnt large enough for the holster too. My pistol is dual action as well and the trigger is kind of hard to pull so I would think it would be ok? Let me know!
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I think it would have been ok to explain to the doctor about the concealed weapon and your right to carry it and if need be show them your permit.
I will start by saying "Get the gun out of your purse" There are many on body options that SO SO SO much safer then your purse. What if the nurse was of a different mindset and took the gun? Or if it fell out and under a chair and you didn't know? :nilly:
In general, I agree. Carrying in the purse is not a good idea. I won't go so far as to think you absolutely should NOT carry in the purse, but *IF* you do I really think you should consider the purse as physically attached to your hip. That means in a situation like that you should have absolutely refused to leave the purse and should have carried it with you. That being said, I still think it's generally a bad idea b/c I think most people can't commit to it and wind up leaving it behind too easily.

My wife considered purse-carry and ultimately decided not to.
What she did instead is choose to carry one of the smallest guns available (she has a KelTec P3AT) and purchased an ANKLE HOLSTER which has worked out very well for her considering the more form-fitting clothing she wears. On days she wears skirts she typically wears looser blouses/sweaters and IWB-carries.

1) I think you should not broach the subject unless they do -- there have been instances on this forum where the person later found out, despite all evidence to the contrary, that the other person actually did NOT see the gun. Prematurely broaching it is just asking for problems.

2) I think you should counter the perception by simply being as nice, polite, open, and WILLING TO CHIT-CHAT as you can. It might take a few visits but I think eventually they will say to themselves, "oh, she's actually a very nice, respectable woman... I doubt she'd harm me so I have nothing to worry about." If you don't go to the doctor often enough to do that, you may want to consider getting a new doc.
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This wasn't a drug test or anything so I think you should've kept your purse with you. From what you said it sounded more like a suggestion of convenience to leave your things there anyway. I would not leave it anywhere that wasn't locked up otherwise.

As far as carrying in a purse without a holster, make darn sure the gun is in a compartment by itself and that no objects can operate the trigger. This may include items in an adjacent compartment. I think that if you are going to continue to carry in a purse that you should get a purse designed with that in mind.

Having said that, I am not a fan of off-body carry for this among other reasons. It doesn't have to be an accident that causes somebody to see into your purse. 'Identity theft' is a big deal and where better to look for information than your purse for info, or a quick bit of cash for that matter. You should be cautious of everybody when it comes to items normally kept in a purse... even more so with firearms.
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xmirage2kx said:
I will start by saying "Get the gun out of your purse" There are many on body options that SO SO SO much safer then your purse. What if the nurse was of a different mindset and took the gun? Or if it fell out and under a chair and you didn't know? :nilly:
This is Mary (not my real name) I am HERMITs wife and I had to write in favor of purse carry after HERMIT showed me the topic. Purse carry is safe and convenient. Woman have reduced otions for on the body carry. I don't even own a belt for instance. That said, has the original poster considered one of the purses that have a concealed pocket to hold the gun in? The original poster should definitly complain to her doctor about the staff member who moved her purse, he had no busness opening it at all. Thanks for letting me express my feelings to you guys.
Someone gave me the website within the last few days. It is excellent. Shows ways for women to carry IWB.

http://web.mac.com/mj_lauer/iWeb/RangeD ... lster.html
Carry any way that is good for YOU.

When I go to the office I can't carry on my person and so I carry in my briefcase, BUT I keep real close tabs on my briefcase.

If the pocket in your purse secures the gun and holds only the gun, then that is fine.

My only other advise is when you carry in your purse, it is part of you.

Oh yea, welcome to the forum.

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I vote shhh and in this case I would take my purse with me. One of those senerios I decided before I started carrying In this day and age a woman carrying her purse (ID, Credit cards, check book etc.) is not unusual to not just leave it in a room. Be assertive, don't disclose why. Men should keep their wallets with them too. (side note).
be sure of what you show. I have a Triple k purse, I have been asked to open my purse at sporting events and water slide places etc. I carry in my purse, and no' I choose not to carry on my body. This purse allows me to "direct" the search, the hidden pocket is in the middle of the purses useable pockets. The useable pockets zip and whenever I need to leave my purse I think about it and take a min to remember why I carry and the law that says I am in charge at all times of my weapon. long winded post, but one I feel compassionate about. :wink: If you took the time to read. I hope it helps . I am open to hear your views and other senerios that you have decided before they happen.
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One thing I might add for women considering purse-carry, especially in a purse not intentionally designed for such... I think it would be a good idea to render your weapon clear and safe (but cocked and otherwise ready to go), insert it into the separate compartment and try as hard as you can to see if you can successfully pull the trigger THROUGH the compartment's fabric in order to fire the gun. In other words, if the compartment material is thin and flexible enough to allow you to manipulate the trigger, then obviously carrying it there would be a bad idea... regardless of trigger pull, IMO.
In my opinion, the gun should be on your body or locked up at all times. I don't agree with carrying in purses or backpacks, but if you must, you should always make sure it stays with you.
To voice my opinion of what you asked, no, I don't think I would have tried to explain anything. What I would have done is ask what they were doing handling the purse without permission. That would have annoyed me a good bit.

I think that your experience illustrates a hazard of purse-carry. If you want to carry in your purse, then I would recommend two things:
  • Consider getting a purse actually designed for concealed carry. There are many on the market.[/*]
  • Consider your purse as part of your body and do not leave it anywhere. You can see the risk of that from your experience at the doctor's office.[/*]
I do commend you for being willing to carry for self-defense. Too many people are too willing to be victims.
In a perfect world I would agree that your weapon should be on your body at all times but some of us just don't live in that world.My wife and I both carry as close to 24/7 as we can,we choose to do so because that is our right and we choose to protect ourselves, however we are both at the mercy of the no weapon in our workplace issue ( we are not allowed to carry at work).We both drive quite a distance to work and we choose not to be unarmed while doing so, there are times we leave our workplace to go for lunch,there are times we have places to go after work,the bottom line is if we went by a perfect senario for body carry we would be unprotected a good share of the time.
The trade off my wife and I make is to carry all of the places we can and lock our weapons up while we are at work, always knowing where they are and keeping them as secure as is in our power.
As stated in a previous post my wife carries in a triple k purse which is designed for concealed carry.The center pouch opens from the end and closes with a very strong velcro closer, when the weapon is there it is almost impossible to find,when my wife works late at night as she often does she can put the purse on her shoulder, open the compartment and put her hand inside on her weapon as she walks through the parking lot to her car,if the need to fire came about she could do so with never removing her weapon from her purse.
Both my wife and I have tried to train ourselves to be aware of our situation and be as safe as we can be at all times.
I appreciate the wisdom on this forum and all of the good information here,I also ask how would you handle our situation.I think the main issue of off body carry is that if you have to do it keep your purse,or day planner or alternate methood in your control at all times,do not let anyone gain controll and never leave your purse unatended.Good luck and happy carrying.
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Just for the sake of argument: what if we modified what really happened a bit. Suppose woman placed their gun in their purse when asked to disrobe for examination. An option for a woman but not so much for a man. What if they had moved your close when you where absent and the gun, as it likely would, fell to the floor or was merely seen by the person doing the moving. It clearly resulted in an unpleasant situation for all involved. I know you die-hard carriers hate leaving your firearm in the vehicle but for those of us who don't mind it at appropriate times it is a reasonable behavior in such situations?

The likelihood of needing your firearm in that environment is low; the likelihood of frightening someone is a little higher than usual. I would consider it polite to leave my firearm in the car but at the same time their fright is in their responsibility not mine. Compounded by the risks associated with leaving my firearm in the car it is an imposition on me to do so. So what is the correct course of action: impose upon them or impose upon me?
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I would take my gun and discreetly slip it in the bottom of my shoe as I undressed. If they noticed, (which I doubt they would) I would simply smile and say something like, "O, don't mind my gun. I have a concealed weapon permit, and have chosen to carry a gun."

I say impose on them.
Don't be surprised if the next time you have a dr's visit, there is a sign posted No weapons, along with the "Turn all Cell Phones off".
Basically this is a situation that every one has, body carriers worry about it too, don't streach your arm, is my shirt tucked, may I sit in the booth instead of at a table, (just to name a few) Don't stress, keep it light in conversation and be yourself, I am sure that you are awesome. :)
I recently went to the doctor because of an upper respiratory illness. The doctor lifted the back of my shirt to listen to my airway with a stethoscope, immediately revealing my Glock 27 in an IWB holster. The doctor never mentioned the gun and just went on with the examination, never changing her tone or expression. Very professional.

That's actually the second time since I started carrying that my gun has been revealed in such a way during an examination. Neither one resulted in any questions.
Thank you Jeff. That is exactly what should happen. As doctors we are working to help others, not judge them. Of course we have our opinions, but they should be kept from the patient with only health-related information being passed on.

When we trained to do pelvic exams (yup...), we were told that we would see some crazy stuff: piercings, hair dyes, tattoos, etc. We were supposed to remain calm and have our poker faces on. Unless what the patient is doing impairs their health, it's not our concern.

Sounds like you have a very professional doc Jeff.
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