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Sounds like Super Dell...

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Should have been the FIRST to call the cops. Or did he call them?

Sounds like a bunch of crap going down. Rocks can kill.

I say that we don't have all the facts yet.
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Just listened to the news. Dell was supposedly doing 75 through a 25. Residents of the area tracked him down and confronted him about the speeding. He purportedly told them to "drive what's safe for them" and he'll drive what's safe for him. The news says one of the men picked up a rock threatening to smash the tail light on his jaguar. That is when he drew his gun and pointed it at them.

Dell claims that they chased him down, blocked him into and area so he couldn't leave, and then three men started to approach them. One of them picked up a large rock. He says that he has 11 fused vertebrae and numerous "bolts" in his hand and leg. He claims desparity of force (though he didn't use those words) and that he felt his life was in danger.

Interesting to see what happens...
As usual, I will withhold judgement until I hear the facts. I'm not sure we'll hear any comment from Clark until it's over (Dell owns the range which Clark manages).

Hope everything works out for the best!
Edited because Im an idiot! :D We'll see what happens.
Shoot well.......
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