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Let your friends know about this--it is a great deal!:)

To Whom It May Concern:

On Saturday, April 7th, we will be conducting a Concealed Weapon Permit class at the University of Utah. It will be held in the A. Ray Olpin Union building, room 319, at the University of Utah and will start at 12:15 PM. The fee for the class will be discounted to $40.00 for those who register beforehand. We will also accept walk-ins on the day of the class, but the fee will be $50.00

This is a fundraising activity for our student club, the Second Amendment Students of Utah, and it’s crucial that we get a good turnout if we want to be able to continue to have activities. Please tell anyone you know who might be interested in the class. To register, or if you have any questions, just email [email protected]

Clark Aposhian, the Chairman of the Utah Concealed Carry Review Board, will be the instructor. He is one of the best instructors in the state and has generously donated his time to teach this class.

We are doing everything we can to make this a “full-service” class, by providing all the paperwork necessary to apply for a permit. To facilitate this, we are seeking a notary public that would be willing to donate some time to notarize applications on the day of the class. If you know of anyone that might be interested, please ask them to email us so we can arrange everything.

Fingerprints and photos (required for the permit application) will be taken at the class

Even if you are not interested in applying for a permit, this class is packed full of beneficial information and will go a long way towards properly educating participants on basic firearm safety.

This class will fulfill the Concealed Weapon Permit requirement found in 53-5-704(7) for a course of instruction by a certified instructor including:

· General familiarity with firearms

· Safe loading, unloading, storage, and carrying of firearms

· Current laws defining lawful use of a firearm by a private citizen, including:

o Lawful self-defense

o Use of force by a private citizen, including use of deadly force

o Transportation

o Concealment

Spread the word.

Thanks for your support,

Second Amendment Students of Utah

[email protected]
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