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Springfield 1911 Micro Compact - anyone shot one?

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So tell me about the Springfield 1911 micro compact. I looked at one today and boy was I impressed. Not sure I can bring myself to drop $1000 on it, but I can dream. If anyone has one, or has shot one or knows anything about them, PLEASE TELL!

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Looks awesome, built solid, but generally a piece of crap. I wouldn't trust it when my life is on the line.

The action is just to short for reliable functioning. I owned one & learned to distrust it quickly. The extractor always needed retensioning & once the recoil spring had endured just a couple hundred rounds it started short cycling & stuff. It would either stovepipe or simply fail to strip a round from the magazine.

Finally I sent it back to the factory for repairs. They replaced the spring & extractor and re-polished the feed ramp. Then I traded it for my Wife's new Kahr CW-9 at the last gun show.

I'd suggest that you look for a model of 1911 with at least 1/2" longer barrel. From what I've read you'll get far more reliability with just that extra 1/2".
Thanks. Any others out there?
I have a Para warthog and absolutely love it! yes you do lose some accuracy with the 3" barrel, just like any other subcompact, but what do you expect? I have almost 1000 rds of different ammo through it without one hiccup! great little gun that packs a serious punch!

My friend just order the kimber ultra carry II it has the 3 1/2" barrel, can't wait to shoot it and see if that 1/2" really makes a difference.

10+1 of 45acp in a subcompact!

My son had a Springfield Micro. I don't recall him ever saying it was unreliable for him. I fired it maybe 3 or 4 magazines-full and had no reliability problems (a few Federal 165-gr -- yes 165, not 185, Personal Defense Hydra-Shok ammo, some reloads, some 230-gr Win. White Box).

But with whatever ammo, I recall it shot about 3 inches to the left at 15 yards and low by about the same. He asked me to try it, so I shot it from a sandbag rest and had-pretty much the same result-low and to the left.

Rather than mess with trying to adjust the sights, he sold it and bought a 9mm Kel-tec for his backup. (His carry is an XD40.)
I work with some guys that believe the only handgun worth carrying is a 1911, adn they really know a lot about them. They all seem to think that the shorter the barrel you have on a 1911 the less reliable it will be. FWIW.
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