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Springfield 1911's

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I bought a Springfield G.I. model a few years back to do some upgrades to. I really wasn't happy with the original accuracy. After I fit a new bushing it became my most accurate pistol. Has anyone else had simular experience with them?
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It's funny you post on this subject. I wasn't aware you had one of these 1911's but my Springfield went from "am I hitting the target?" to "I can't believe how good this shoots" after you finished fitting my new bushing. It will be interesting to see how many others had simular problems. On the flip side I've never heard of problems with any but the bottom 2 models of Springfield 1911's.
I haven't shot a Kimber or a Springfield 1911, but I have handled them quite extensively at gun shops. My view is that the Springfield slides seem to be much tighter and stiffer than the Kimber slides and overall, the Springfields seem to have a better finish. I really like that new Kimber SIS 1911, but I think the Springfield TRP seems to be built tougher.

What do you guys think?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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