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Springfield XD .45

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Just went out with my brother today and tried his new XD-45. What a nice pistol! It was smooth, accurate and a pleasure to fire. Minimal recoil, good accuracy, weight was pleasant and it was smooth and sooo fine. (darn, no drooling smiley?)
I also checked out my new .30 .30 Marlin Lever Action. That was a very good purchase as well. Accurate, a good weight, easy to load, and use.
And I must say that even though my Taurus Millenium 9mm ended up with the safety breaking, This was a very joyous day!
Don't get me wrong, I have had the Taurus for Eight years and probably put approximately 20,000 shells or more through it, it has always been a good and reliable weapon.Fortunately I can get that repaired pretty easily.
If you haven't tried an XD yet I encourage you to do so. They are a very good pistol. I will probably be getting one in the future myself. At least that will be my next choice for carry unless I can find, or be shown one which is better. :D :drool:
(ok, thanks Jeff--found it this time around - drooling smiley)
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Cinhil said:
(darn, no drooling smiley?)

(Click on View more smilies) :D

Good review!
Yup, an XD45 is on my list :) Glad you had a good time - sorry to hear about your Taurus though :cry:
I bought the XD 45 Compact last May and I have been carrying it and shooting it ever since. It is such a fantastic gun!
I have to get me one of the XD-M's in .45 :jawdrop:
FBMG Smithy said:
I have to get me one of the XD-M's in .45 :jawdrop:
Gotta have it in compact! :drool:
I just picked up a stainless compact 45 on friday and can't wait to shoot it. :D
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