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SL Trib article today on guns & college campuses. Clark got a word in again too!

As the debate over guns on Utah college campuses raged during the 2007 Legislature, lobbyists on both sides quoted statistics and provided scenarios to prove that allowing guns would have either worsened or improved a hypothetical campus crime.
But crime data obtained under the Clery Act, which requires all campuses to report crime statistics to the federal government, shows few incidents between 2001 and 2005 when weapons were found or used on campuses, and in those few incidents, rarely were students involved.
No incident reported during the five-year period involved a student brandishing a gun in a threatening manner, and of the 23 incidents on Utah college campuses involving guns, seven involved loaded handguns while the rest involved BB guns or paint-ball guns. The other incidents involved weapons that ranged from butterfly knives to brass knuckles to nunchakus.
No incidents involved a legally concealed weapon.
Such data only reinforce why gun advocates have successfully defeated efforts to ban concealed weapons on campuses, said Clark Aposhian, chairman of the Utah Self-Defense Instructor's Network.
"Concealed weapon carriers are not people to be afraid of," Aposhian said. "They are simply folks who are concerned with one thing and one thing only: lawful self-defense." ...

The rest of the article is HERE

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Woohoo! Thanks Clark! You are awesome!

It's so nice to hear the FACTS being stated in the news - I am so sick of all the media hype based on things taken out of context or that are just plain false.

Thanks again for all you do for us!

P.S. Read the article and see Kim Wirthlin's response to the data, ""Even though those statistics don't indicate that concealed weapons are what's causing the problems, if you have weapons, you may have accidental discharges."

Give me a break. That's like saying you should ban cars on campus because there is a chance the breaks could go out. I've actually had that happen, but never have any of my guns misfired.

Also, look at the Administration's "HOPE": "Wirthlin, though, sees the statistics as pointing to a strong infrastructure on campus to keep students safe and hopes campus security systems will help prevent such shootings." (italics added for emphasis) Sorry Kim, I'm not placing my safety in your HOPE...

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And yet, the hand-wringing continues, regardless of facts.
Yet University of Utah lobbyist Kim Wirthlin still worries about allowing weapons of any kind on campus.
"Even though those statistics don't indicate that concealed weapons are what's causing the problems, if you have weapons, you may have accidental discharges," she said.
Hmmmm. How many accidental discharges on campuses were in this report?

Let's see ... what can happen when nobody is allowed the means of self-defense. What happens in Kim's scenario in a so-called "gun-free zone".
Merely a horrible massacre like at Virginia Tech. :x

But she and her ilk will continue to ignore facts and bemoan the fact that those scary things might legally be carried on campus.
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