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Stranded in New Jersey

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Did anyone else see the news story on KUTV (channel 2) tonight, about the guy that flew into Pennsylvania and his flight got canceled while he was in New Jersey. He had packed his gun in his luggage and declared it when he borded in Salt Lake. All was well until the flight changed and stranded him in Jersey. He had to spend the night and when he went to go through ticketing and declare again they busted him for having a gun in Jersey. It was still in his luggage. DON'T PANIC!!! He HAD A GUN IN JERSEY, DON'T PANIC!!! You know on of those inherently evil things, a gun. He spent 5 day in a Jersey jail. Now he is sueing the Port Authority and the police officer that arrested him for false arrest and unlawful imprisonment...
I Just wish I could send him some money to help win his battle! SOCK IT TO THEM! Oh by the way they dropped the charges on him... Come to think of it he may not need any money for the rest of his life.

Hey Hey... stay safe out there!

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Yeah, I saw the posting on packing.org on this about a week ago. I certainly hope he wins BIG! And that several individuals find life very difficult because of their asininity!
:oops: :lol: :lol:
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