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Ruger Collector said:
while others would stare at her in horror as if they expected her to jump out of the holster on her own and start going off uncontrollably.
My wife seems to think this way :dunno:

Ruger Collector said:
But there was one person who really made my day. While I was waiting to leave a store a little boy who couldn’t have been over 3 or 4 bursts out with “look dad, he has a gun!” I wasn’t close enough to hear his dad’s reply… A minute or so later the tyke comes up to me and informs me “you have a gun” to which I reply with a smile and a “yep”… he returned to his parents and announced “when I grow up I wanna be like him!” I expected to hear disparaging words from his parents but there were none.

God bless America! :patriot:
Thats awesome! I just hope his parrents later told him guns are not toys, but hope they didnt tell him they are evil and such

I too had a good day out and about with my sig, only the usual stare at it
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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