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Taurus has a recall on the following guns:
PT-111 Millennium
PT-132 Millennium
PT-138 Millennium
PT-140 Millennium
PT-145 Millennium
PT-745 Millennium
You can go to: http://www.tauruscartersettlement.com to read more about it. I just sent in my PT 24/7 Pro 9mm because it had several issues but I never had a safety issue with it. I have seen one video on youtube, a Brazillian policeman has shaking his pistol and it was going off. He did not have his finger in the anywhere near the trigger, with the safety on and off.
One of the paragraphs from the website notice:
Enhanced Warranty Benefit

Under the Enhanced Warranty benefit, you can return your Class Pistol for repair or replacement, at no cost to you.
Taurus will provide a free, transferrable lifetime Enhanced Warranty benefit.
Under this benefit, you may ship your Class Pistol to Taurus at Taurus's expense. Taurus will inspect the
pistol and repair or replace it, with no requirement that you prove the pistol is defective. Taurus
will ship the repaired or replaced pistol back to you at Taurus's expense. You should anticipate
a minimum three week turn-around if returning a Class Pistol for it to be repaired or replaced.
No repair for the alleged safety defects is currently available, so pistols returned under this
option will be replaced with a comparable Taurus G2 (or similar) model pistol at this time. If
Taurus develops a repair, it can repair rather than replace Class Pistols.

So, hopefully I will get a working firearm out of the deal.
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