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Ted Nugent on 2nd amendment

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I am sure some of you have seen this
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Spike said:
I am sure some of you have seen this
Nugent is my Bud. Ted for President :cheers:
I completely agree with him. Why is this so hard for some people to understand?
Gotta love the Nuge. Nuge for Pres!
He speaks very plainly, without the verbal gymnastics that gun-grabbers use. Therefore, he is able to convey simple, plain, unapologetic truth.
Uncle Ted is right on the 2nd Amendment, but when he advocates violence against political candidates he doesn't agree with, that's when I switch off. That's no way to behave in a polite society.
Thanks for posting this, I hadn't seen it before.

As far as Nugent's comments - I AGREE!!!
Awesome! I wish he could debate Obama or Clinton on the subject on national TV. That would be a show.
Cat Scratch Fever!!!! I think Ted is such a great guy not only for his music but most of all because of his backing of firearms and REALITY. No one wins against Ted. Thats for sure!!!
That's so awesome. :dancing: Thumbs up to Ted! :thumbsup:
The boy tells it like it is. :agree:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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