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howlingwolfarms said:
Eukatae said:
I have wanted to duracote 4 of my rifles in a nice multicam. I fear I lack the skill with paint to do it.
Let me know what you are looking for in a multicam. We can work something out if you still want it done.
Multicam is a pattern made by Crye Precision. The pattern is patented and enforced (eBay accounts that sold fake Chinese knockoff Multicam were deleted per request of Crye Precision). It's a wonderful pattern, and they will "Multicam" anything you want provided your quantities are large enough :D

The problem with doing it yourself is the complexity of the design. It features a series of darker splotches with background colors that fade in to one another, a pattern that has been proven to trick the human eye. This pattern is so good, it's surpassed the acclaimed digital patters accepted by the US Military (ACUPAT, MARPAT, etc). The only other pattern that I have heard outstanding reviews about is the Tiger Stripe (particularly the Urban version for urban combat). Anyways, I would love to see Multicam on more items, it's just a protected pattern (expensive) and Crye Precision is mainly concerned with their military contracts rather than civilian contracts.

Let me know if you find a good way of mimicking the pattern, it looks pretty difficult to me. Check out the cool pictures from the Crye Precision web site:

UPDATE: I was just on the Crye Precision page and they have a new Multicam coating process by an external company. Here is the link: http://www.multicampattern.com/coatings.htm
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