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Testing carry & hunting rounds

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Does anyone else test the performance of the projectiles the use in thier carry & hunting guns?

From left to right: unfired .45 speer gold dot - fired .45 speer gold dot -
fired .44 mag starfire - fired 12ga lyman sabot slug.

The gold dot was fired from my warm weather gun (Springfield Micro Compact). Starfire is from my cold weather gun (.44 Desert Eagle).
Both fired through a 1gal. jug of water and stopped by a stack of phone books. The 12ga slug or whats left of it was retrieved from loose gravel after sighting-in on a paper target at about 40-50 yards.

I'm not that impressed with the gold dots expansion so far but i'll see if I can get one to work better in one of my handloads.
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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