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The Celebrity Apprentice

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Not sure if anyone else catches this show but it has been one of my favorites. Last night was the season finale and The Donald choose Piers as the Celebrity Apprentice. The Donald chose right!!!

Anyway the highlight of the entire season was seeing the 6 wounded soldiers standing there live on stage last night. It was moving. Piers selected The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund as his charity and during the course of the season he raised over $500K for this charity. During the live finale last night Piers had 6 soldiers with him on stage and they were given a standing ovation. It was pretty awesome. Piers is British. I was impressed that a Brit would think so highly of the US and our forces that he would choose them as his charity. It was pretty cool.

Anyway not sure if anyone else watched this, but I sure thought it was good.

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