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Thanks Dave,

This information has been available for several years now and I have read it several times, but it is good to keep these things in our minds and memories.

Another area where gun control is advocated here in the USA has been as early as the 19th century by the KKK(also some earlier laws in the deep South to keep Colored folk from having weapons), which desired this type of law in order to keep the ***** population from being able to defend themselves. Remember that an unarmed man is easier to subjugate and murder than one who has a double barreled shotgun in his hands.

Another Group here in the USA which ironically one would think would be all for guns, is the NAACP. They very much desire to see the elimination of guns in society. This has not been beneficial to the people whom they propose to represent.

So other than the Diane Fienstiens' and Clintons' and Obamas' and Kennedy's out there who make no bones about their desire to disarm us all, we have whole organizations which desire to put all of us at the same risk as those in the article Dave brought us.

We must be ever diligent to work as hard as we can to defend our constitutionally recognized, God-given right to self defense. Let us all be strong and diligent in this!
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