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The phone call?

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boy am I bored
this morning at precicly 3:30am :x I received a phone call asking me what I thought was very strange questions at that time of night
the voice on the other end asked if I called the conv. store I sad no and hung up she called back and I just picked up and droped receiver
but called again I said WHAT? she then asked if I knew anyone who drove a white marquee? no I said she then explained that some guy came in the store and asked for a phone book and she observed him write down 2 numbers and addresses one of which was mine then he walked out and left
anpther customer came in while he was write numbers and wispered to the clerck that that guy had a gun in his back seat but the guy drove off
I said thanks and hung up (she said it had happened 10 minutes earlier)
my first protocal was to grab my 45 my wife asked if I had a job(as I am on call 24/7)I said no and breifly explained as I handed her my 38spl
my next protocal was to check the perimiter of my home to see that all was safe well all seamed ok I then dialed *69 but call was blocked at this I got the phonebook and with luck the first conv. store I called was the rite one and the lady confirmed the others story and said they already notified the police I too called the police to find out what was going on they hadnt had a clue? but were patroling the city thats great I said but call if they find out anything,since I live in the county I then called sherrif dept. to inform them and there response was well theres nothin we can due I said great Ill call you back if I apprehnd anyone or whatever and they said ok
(guess I was right to get my guns out cause it seams as though the courts are right police do not have to defend you) well it has bean an uneventful morning so far but here I sit with my 45 knowing I am doing what the law can or wont do for me and mine but I realy dont htink anything will happen cause I beleive the guy was just scoping out the store to rob it and I am probly sittin here losin sleep over nuthin but COULD YOU GO BACK TO BED?anyways yall have a great labor day :wink:
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That would definitely keep me awake the rest of the night!
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