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You're probably right, it was probably someone scoping out the neighborhood, or filling station. They probably got spooked when others showed up. Hopefully no one else was bothered by this.
Of course, this shows another good reason why convenience stores should always have two people ion duty, and be allowed to carry for their own self defence. Another thing is that you did everything right. (Six gun, being my brother, told me earlier this morning that he also woke his wife up anf handed her a .38 to keep watch in the house while he went out and patrolled the house & yard). You kept your wits about you. You checked out your own property after securing your home by giving your wife a weapon for defence. You called the Sheriff & the convenience store. You did everything right. Perhaps if your house were being scoped out, all this activity may have scared them off--all in all you did right. Don't forget to thank God for the convenience store clerk who took the time to notify you, she may very well have helped to preserve the sanctity of your home. Find out her name & send her a card with a thank you, or something like that!
Talk to you later!
:) :)
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