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For those of us who hold dearly the rights afforded us as human beings, we may want to be more decisive regarding the words we use when discussing political issues. The struggle between freedom and tyranny is in part a struggle of language. The side that defines the term defines the battlefield and selects the weaponry. When professional victim disarmers got phrases like "gun violence" and made-up term "assault weapon" firmly embedded in the media, they gained a huge advantage because the disarmers now control how the general public thinks about firearms.

I suggest that we stop using the terminology favored by power lovers - something we do simply because this terminology has become so embedded in our language and we have not come up with successful alternatives. We should be a people that speak the language of freedom and speak it in such a way that we enlighten and open the minds of those who have been brainwashed into accepting all the media has to offer. We should speak it in such a way that we make it clear that we expect all sensible people to agree with us. Even if they do not agree, we are working to abolish the negative assumptions they hold and begin to erect new definitions and thought processes.

I invite you to list your corrected terminology in your posts. One thing I do ask is that you keep your terms serious. The idea here is to give us words that we can use on a daily basis to dispel the incorrect and anti-freedom terminology that pervades our society. Please do not post silly items that others would feel foolish repeating to family, friends or acquaintances.

List the term as it is currently used on the left and list the rephrased term on the right:

public schools --> government schools
gun control --> victim disarmament or disarmament of the innocent
representatives --> politicians or rulers
laws --> edicts
taxation --> confiscation
entitlement --> giveaway
anti-gun --> anti-rights
guns --> firearms
handguns --> sidearms
assault rifles --> self-defense rifles
gun nut --> firearm collector
packing --> legally carrying

Let's take our language back and use it to further the cause of freedom!

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Here are some more:

pro-gun --> pro-rights
gun control (depending on the context) --> crime control
anti-gun (depending on the context) --> anti-self-defense
concealed carry --> carry or right to carry
weapons (guns) --> household firearms
Saturday night specials or junk guns --> affordable firearms
high capacity magazines --> full capacity magazines
Second Amendment --> Bill of Rights (we stand behind all, not just the 2nd)
guns kill --> firearms help protect
gun crime --> crime
violent gun crime --> violent crime
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