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I just can't believe that a state run organization, led by someone like President Young, is being controlled by the politics of fear!

Honestly, if and let me emphasize if someone were to commit a firearm related crime on the University of Utah campus, it is very unlikely to be a concealed carry permit holder. As you all know, and I am sorry I have to repeat it, CCP holders are subject to extreme scrutiny. I worked at a research lab at the University and only had to subject myself to a urinalysis test in order to administer controlled narcotics. The only other time (besides for my CCP) I was fingerprinted was when I became a certified EMT. So... it would stand to reason that the people that go though the hoops, background checks, and financial hurdles ($100+) to get a CCP are some of the most law abiding gun owners out there. Many citizens choose to carry illegally because they don't want to meet the aforementioned requirements.

So why, President Young, are you preventing us from being a safety resource to you, the staff and students? Those who want to commit crimes are not concerned with the laws of this state and will do as they will regardless of your 'gun rules'. If you try to prevent all guns on campus, all you do is provide a place for the criminally minded to prey on innocent law abiding citizens. However, if the same criminals knew that there was a possibility that the young, attractive female jogger might have a revolver in her sport bag, I can promise you he would think twice before accosting her, or any student/faculty on campus for that matter.

The standard rebuttal is that people who conceal carry pose a threat to those who do not. As if, by carrying a firearm in a concealed matter, someone poses a threat to me while I am speaking my mind. OK, I can see that in a twisted sort of logic. So... the logic behind this is as follows: despite the fact that less than 1% of the public has concealed permits, the very thought that someone listening to me, who doesn't agree with what I am saying, has me scared for my life. And somehow, without taking any action is preventing me from exercising my freedom of speech. The last time I looked at the Bill of Rights, it protected our, that's right, RIGHTS. It doesn't say anything about abating our paranoias. It was enacted to prevent people from censoring others. So, unless the person that is carrying a concealed weapon brandishes it and coerces me to stop speaking, they haven't violated any of my rights. So... unless a situation like that happens, which has not on the campus, I see no reason to take away another's rights to defend themselves in order to, as stated before, abate someone else's paranoia.

I personally know a few classmates that carry while on campus. I also know the reliability of campus police. I can tell you that I rest easier and am much more focused on my studies knowing that if something terrible were to happen in any of my lectures, there would be people there who could respond appropriately.

So, if you have an opportunity, please let President Young know how you feel before he convinces everyone on campus that a 'gun free campus' is a 'safe campus'.
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bane said:
apollosmith said:
I went to the U vs. BYU game yesterday. Of course they had their 'weapons check' at the gate. I went through a line that ~18 year old girls that were pretty adamant about checking EVERYTHING - even had me empty my pockets. For fun, I pulled a spare magazine out of a pocket and showed it to them, then lifted my shirt, fully exposing my XD IWB on my hip and did a half circle. They didn't notice either of them. Oh well, I was kinda curious what they'd do about a CFP holder legally carrying there.

What do you think security would do if you were carrying with a CFP to a U of U event? I actually wish I would have forced the issue even more just to find out.
Wait a minute, are you serious... any idiot could have plainly seen the full grip of your XD and these girls didn't notice???? :shocked:
(what the crap are they looking for if they don't even know what a gun looks like when it staring right at them???)
ian husford said:
jimtheguern said:
And the person siting next to me whispering in my ear that she didn't want to even be in the same room as one of those horrible concealed carriers. Very difficult to keep a straight face with that one :grinningjester:
I had the same thing happen last summer with a coworker. I work for SLCC and filled in at another campus and out of the blue she says that there could be people on campus that are carrying concealed guns and we wouldn't know that they are. I asked her isn't that the purpose of concealed carry? I had a Bersa Thunder on my hip at the time. It was hilarious. I never told her.

I had someone pipe up (in a rather aloof and artificially horrified tone) that she couldn't imagine anyone carrying a gun in church (mine's not listed...). I rolled my eyes and started whistling a tune. :p
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