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The University of Utah is at it again now their banning openly carried weapons.
The police department has been told to arrest and take to jail any legal permit holder to jail and seize the weapon.

Their are pamphlets out their telling them how to arrest them and cite them under 76-10-505.5. Even if you have a CFP they don't care

The University is also trying to ban firearms in the University Hospital Emergency room and medical units. This rule has not been published yet but I will keep you updated.

So be very careful and make sure you let the General Counsel and president Michael Young know what their doing is Illegal and a violation of our rights.

I plan on having the pamphlet scanned and put on soon for all to see.

And please do what you can and contact everyone you can.
I am working hard at contacting the media and our elected officials.
1 - 3 of 40 Posts
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