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Things you should always carry with your gun.

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I've found many people, like my self, wont leave home with out a few certain things on them, mine are..
1. firearm
2. concealed permit in my wallet
3. flashlight.
4. leatherman
5. K-bar folding knife
6. spare mag/speed strip depending on the gun.
7. cell phone/ you want to be the first one to call the police, it helps your case.
8. car keys, leaving is always my first option

also I sometimes carry mace, if I must leave my gun in the car or at home.

Although my pants feel like falling off at times, I wouldn't go any where with out my gear.

What are the things you "wont leave home with out?"
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My pants.

Well, except on hot days like today, then heck with it. :lol2:
1. Firearm
2. Spare mag or two for #1
3. Flashlight
4. Digital recorder
5. Handcuffs
6. Flex cuffs
7. Knife
8. Permit and other IDs
9. Money/Cards
10. UCC Business Cards
11. Backup Firearm
12. Spare mag for #11
13. Cold Hard Cash Reserve
14. Wilderness Tactical Belt to hold everything up
15. Keys

UPDATE: Forgot a few things
16. Phone with internet
17. Pen (for scribbling on stuff)
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In all seriousness though.

Usually my 45, extra mag, knife, wallet, phone, keys.

Somebody get me a "man bag" pronto!
And somebody get Dave a Wagon!
Wallet (with license and permit)
Cell Phone
watch (optional)
bluetooth headset (optional)
pen (optional)
Keys (with leatherman attached)
Cell Phone
Wallet (with money, CFP, and other ID)
Firearm (with plenty of ammo)
Pepper Spray
Clean Underwear :D
Dustin WJ said:
Keys (with leatherman attached)
Clean Underwear :D
I knew I forgot something important!!
This is today situation but imagine the Blackberry is in the phone holster (not in my hand taking the picture). I could list full contents of wallet, but I have the same crap as everyone else in the wallet. I have the Keltec today cause it is much easier to carry golfing!
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You got it pretty much covered.

Extra Mag
pt 1911 or snubby
good OWB holster
extra mag or speed loader
cell phone
oh yes clean undies

This is what I carry. From what TJ and Dave carry it is basically a LEO duty belt. Not quite there yet.
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My wife laughs at me when I'm getting ready to go somewhere. I've got to pat with my hand every pocket and holster to check and make sure i have everything i need. I do it right at the front door and I usually forget something.
Heres my kit:
spare mag
wedding ring
utility knife
weapon retention knife
OC spray
I need a better belt maybe i should invest in a bat belt.
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spray and or taser
Sure fire light

As far as cuffs and or flex cuffs, if gun point is not enough they will have a very unpleasant day. My job is no longer to ensure their safety by restraining them. It is to ensure mine by a combination of words, hands on force, less lethal option, presentation of lethal force, lethal force. The continuum can go from (words) excuse me, to an empty pistol in fractions of a second, all up the the person threating me. I choose not to give him the option to play nicely once the cards are on the table to an unrestrained individual, the rest is up to him.
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