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I was really enjoying come to this forum, but the last few days I'm not. The reason is because of the post someone made in the UCC Event forum. Mainly about not having a gun when attending an event. Myself I could give a rat's *** if you have one or not. You would be more than welcome to attend. By coming to this forum and that event shows that you are most likely getting a gun and/or permit, but when you exclude a person because of not having a gun, to me is just not right. So if you do not see me around and not posting it is because of that. I do not like being treated in that manner, or treat anyone like that.
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If I attend without a gun, will they give me a SHAOR knife? Or is it just a butter knife? LOL Dusitn, that was REALY funny. is your wife going to ask for a knife? LOL I love this forum.... Good people and LOTS of fun. :D :D :D :D
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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