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Time/Date on Forum Main Page

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The time now is Thu Apr 05, 2007 11:59 am

Shouldn't the date and time of the forum be shown as the Mountain Time Zone, being that this site is all about UTAH Concealed Carry?

Just wondering. :D

[this post was actually made at 1:01 PM Mountain.
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Hmmmm. I'll try to figure out what's what with that... :?:
Check the timezone in your profile. Mine shows the correct time.
Hmm. Mine's set to 'GMT-7 Hours'. I am located in Utah, so is that not the correct time zone? That's what all my other forums are set to.

Also, does it account for daylight savings?
It appears to me that the forum software (phpBB) does not have an option to turn on or off daylight savings time (I'm still new at this). It will have to be changed every time DST turns on or off. I've set the system configuration setting to GMT-6 (which is what it is when DST is on, like it is now). When we go back to standard time in August, I'll have to set it again to GMT-7.

You also have the ability to set your own timezone in your profile. If you don't have it set to GMT-6, then it won't correctly show Utah Daylight Savings Time.
Jeff, we resume Standard Time on November 4th this year.

Ah, you're right. I posted that last night when I was very tired ... after I got home from a week-long trip to Michigan.
Eh, no vacation. I was on company travel. It was a busy and somewhat stressful week at a customer site. It was a successful week in that we solved all the problems that came up with the system, but I'm exhausted.

I need a vacation!
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